• 冲上云霄剧情介绍(冲上云霄2英文剧情介绍)

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    The old airport area is the place where growth story master Tang Yichen hour, everypassing overhead aircraft that sum deeply infatuated with on. Thereafter, notbecause their parents character, mother suddenly left home to travel far, make thesum there has always been a dream, that one day I can personally drove the aircraft,will mother back a reunion. The family background to have smart sum more naturallyself-discipline, small age already know in turn to take care of his father. Along wishesstep-by-step efforts, also Chen finally really to become a pilot.
    As senior vice captain of the sum, had been waiting for it to become the first Chinesepilot, careful, self demanding, so highly valued at work. In sum, driving technology in aircraft by each procedure and steps, is not difficult to grasp things, if coupled with the accumulation of experience, when to write and draw freely as one wishes to;instead, the communication between people, to Chen but feel difficult to graspfathom, especially in the aspect of feeling love life, the impact of parental divorce is very profound.
    And also Chen since childhood friend, together with the plane together to become a pilot, Ling Yunzhi, has another set of the philosophy of love. Chen Yunzhi identity alsomust pursue the true love; but not as a sum like step-by-step, and had lost a greatmarriage, instead of taking up a positive attitude, despite being outsiders think airpilots, but the spirit but not obscene merry as principles, Zhi Yun is received by the"reputation". While at the same airport, airline stewardess Le Yishan also with thepursuit of romantic love dream, just fate, do not let them three people encounter. UntilYishan touched nail in the work, he quit his job, to the field trip, she and Yi Chen, Zhi Yun in the destiny arrangement, in their pursuit of true love.......
    Italy - Rome, a warm and romantic city, hidden it means a romantic passion is about to happen.
    Italy - Rome, a warm and romantic city, hidden it means a romantic passion is about to happen. Yi Chen because working relationship to Rome, Chinese in a foreign land,every encounter is extra deep impression, sum and Yishan coincidentally met, let the emotional Yishan identified as fate comes, but also fully on Yishan have special favor.In the exotic romantic atmosphere, two people burning fire, their first stay the way you are overwhelming taste, make a promise of love. However, a major misunderstanding,the sum and Yishan both feel cheated, thought that the marriage is falling from the sky, has become a great harm. Sum with pain with staff to return to Hong Kong, and fragile Yishan still alone in a remote, desolate feeling. Especially lucky then met laterto Yunzhi, in Yunzhi pursuit of passion, Yishan will slowly heal the pain. In Yunzhi,Yishan's appearance is one of grace, a positive, soon lock the target, as Yishan as the sole object lifetime partner.
    Also Chen in Rome just days, what impressed him most in addition to Yishan, is a youth - Xing wind. A single event, but also has a deep prejudice against Chen XingXing is a wind, feel the wind, just let people. All in all, this trip to Rome to Chen, can be a painful experience, but the major misunderstanding had made friends withYishan Yunzhi love. The parents compound, let the sum that is aware of the original mother day with his brother Tang handle left, and even more surprisingly, also is met in Rome a year ago, Xing feng.
    The Australian base transfer Yunzhi back to Hongkong in order to Yishan, and for the first time to share news and also Chen, Yishan taking Yunzhi fiancee identity see alsoChen, has forgotten the past passion and hurt again two people's heart, also fully toXiang Yunzhi, Yishan cast with heartfelt blessing, let Yishan whole-heartedly Yunzhilove.
    And also wind and also a pilot and full of confidence, Tong Xixin of the iron hand in a velvet glove. Chihine has to love, for man is lack of confidence, and even has arebellious psychology, what have to do better than men, and also make it becomequarrelling friends wind competition. Thinking of a simple, innocent, was loved by parents of multinational group chairman's son Wan Haocong, the chihine is fall in love at first sight, chihine resistance to Hao Cong, make Hao Cong pursuit ofdetermination in the end, even because of the pursuit of chihine only a pilot job. Aftermany tests the storm, was waiting to acquire a recording to Australia flight trainingqualifications, chihine found father who is little traces, as clues to Japan for Hokkaido.Hao Cong to chihine gallant, in conjunction with the friendly went to, and alsobecause of the wind and the family relationship is still bad, also decided to jointogether to Japan to rise and the.
    Thought after Yunzhi and Yishan wedding, Rome past right and wrong in the end, itwas like playing with two men, it seems to the perfect wedding turned out to be the beginning of the triangular relationship of perplexing. The damage was found to be a misunderstanding, but Zhi Yun first discovered. Yunzhi painful decision, let the sum,Yishan aware of the misunderstanding, let Yishan to choose between him and thesum. The decision to Yishan Yunzhi loose a tone, but as people's feelings change with the circumstances, but in three person's heart is hidden a thorn, only to besensitive to a positive, and later, Zhi Yun is the sensitive people. After the event,triangle sum, Zhi Yun, Yishan became more subtle, and between Yishan Yunzhinaturally or half unconsciously urgently set Su Yi and also Chen love. Added Su Yi,that between the four is another kind of subtle relation.
    During the training in Australia, relations also Chen, also wind brothers launched abrother and mentoring. Sum to flight back to Hong Kong, and also wind brothers moreopportunities for cooperation, the young pilot energetic, Yi Chen, Zhi Yun alsoinfected, Qi Qi to be a pivotal moment for the final sprint. The most important in the life of the moment, but also fully discover the body out, conditions to sum is likely tolose their flight qualification, give up flying career choice should also fully in thehesitation, conflict, misery. Also wind and see the clue, at last ascertain the sumcondition, feel things can't drag, the loyalty, the flight safety reasons against the sumcan not continue to fly. They became the first Chinese pilots Yunzhi celebrate at the same time, also Chen also announced an internal transfer, responsible for customerservice. Landing is a life, similarly with ups and downs, at the bottom of the time canstill strive for goals, believe that will fly high again one day.
    Sum of positive and optimistic ground challenge to my new job. At this time, Su Yi'sconcern and encouragement to sum more moved, in Su Yi love more sure. It alsoChen and Su Yi communication, is Yishan Yunzhi and desire, but Yishan wheneversee sum time together with Su Yi sweet, but not consciously reveal a sour feeling, letsensitive of Yunzhi found. Finally, the decision Yunzhi, back home to Australia to,want to let Yishan another choice. On the other side, also wind, chihine, Hao Conghas also faced the test of friendship. Hao Cong on chihine always stay in love, andchihine also wind from its friends and began feeling of progress of subtle, form a triangular relationship ambiguous. An event that also wind and understand their ownfar less concern for the chihine Hao Cong, Kanoue Hiroshi not invisible pressurehowever, hence make also wind decided to cool down, from two people.
    Then, sum, Yishan love of the road seems to be without a hitch, but Yishan but found that the sum is more more pay, more reflect the Yunzhi love is great, is also Chenhow also cannot transcend the. Who is the most love, is the one who most loves, andalso Yishan Chen love is ultimately what kind of results? Also the wind looking at SuYi sacrifices himself, back between the sum and Yishan, he and sum the brotherhoodwill once again set off a contradiction? The dilemma is wind, chihine, Hao Cong three people love friendship, whether there will be a new development?

    这时,亦琛、以珊爱情之路似乎应该顺利无阻,可是以珊却发现亦琛越是付出得多,越显照出当日云志的爱的伟大,是亦琛怎样也无法超越得到的。究竟谁是最爱,最爱是谁,以珊与亦琛的爱情最终是怎样的结果?亦风看着苏怡牺牲自己,在亦琛与以珊之间退下,他与亦琛的兄弟情会否又再掀起矛盾?亦风、希欣、浩聪三人爱情友谊的两难局面,会否有新的发展 。